Several weeks ago, we were asked to present our work at the annual Kennisfestival in Deventer on the 14th of June. The festival was completely sold out, with a total of 3000 visitors.

Even though we were hesitant at first, we finally agreed to be part of a larger presentation to give this project and ourselves some publicity.

Before the presentation, we prepared by receiving some basic guidance on how to present properly. This greatly improved our presentation skills and made it a lot easier to present.

The event was organized very well. When we first got to the venue, we were given our access passes and were guided to the stage on which we would present an hour later.

Since we had to wait for an hour before actually presenting, we decided to relax a bit and to walk around the venue. After a few final checks, the large presentation started. After 15 minutes, we were called up on stage to present the project that we had been working on for months.

The presentation itself went very well and we were able to convey what we had been working on for all these months. The audience that was present seemed to enjoy the presentation. So much so, that our presentation was actually mentioned in a Dutch interview by Radio Oost (Starting from 00:18), when they interviewed visitors.


During this amazing day, we’ve taken a few pictures to give you a sense of what the festival and the presentation were like. These can be found in the gallery below.

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